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Off-Premise and Take Out Packaging

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With a variety of off-premise and take out dining packaging solutions, it has never been easier to enjoy meals at-home or on-the-go in take out bags and packaging. These bags and carriers are designed for easy opening, loading, filling, and carrying to ensure the contents are protected inside and ready to be enjoyed.

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Fast Take® Tamper-Evident Carryout Bags and Beverage Carriers are popular with restaurants and consumers. With secure, tamper-evident tape closures, these bags and carriers protect contents as well as prevent leaks and spills. These bags are perforated for easy opening and have a strong die-cut carrying handle.

Available printed and plain, Take Out Bags are designed not to rip or tear while offering leak protection. Take Out Bags have deep gussets to allow the bags to stand without tipping over to reduce chance of spilling as well as to be easy to load and fill quickly.

Antimicrobial Take Out Bags available.

Wine To-Go Bags offer the opportunity to take home standard 750ml wine bottles without rupturing and with a die-cut handle for convenient carrying. Wine To-Go Bags include a special peel strip inside that, once peeled and pressed, will securely seal a corked wine bottle. Once sealed, the bag can only be opened by tearing its perforated area, which reveals any tampering.